Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2nd question

Before I answer three of the questions above, I would also like to signify my intent to be a math writer as well.
I am a BS Math graduate from the Ateneo and I think my math knowledge would be a great contribution.

Moving on, here's my answer to the questions.

On Question 1.
As a Filipino, I am most concerned about the country's future- our economics, our culture and our global competence. Based on then latest trends, our economy is far from growing. Inflation is reaching its highest. Basic necessities are not affordable anymore. The urban poor is only becoming poorer. Even the middle class would not classify as "middle" anymore. The percentage of the lower class is growing. I cannot imagine the contry's economy ten years from now if the trend continues. Someone got to do something about it.
Our culture is also in great danger of extinction. The heritage of our forefathers are gradually being forgotten. We are now too much preoccupied by commercialism which is being controlled by the global superpowers. Hence, what we want and how we act are being dictated by the controlling country. There is too much assimilation of foreign culture ointo ours. Our Filipino language is not pure anymore.
It has evolved (or rather, devolved) radically.People don't even speak straight Filipino anymore. The children don't know our heroes. If this trend does not stop, we will lose our culture and identity as a country. Someone got to do something about it.
Filipino talent does not reach its full potential because of the corruption in the government. Local schools can not compete anymore with foreign schools. They lack the budget to provide good education. In this technological age of computers, things are going so fast that the Philippine education can not keep up. If this trend continues, our children will end up as working bees of the skilled foreign employers. Someone got to do something about it. And I am serious about it.

On Question 3.
I would immigrate to France. They are very accomodating to immigrants now because of their dying demographics. Beacuse of the increasing number of immigrants, France will soon be a new nation- a new nation that will creae new opportunities that will lead to new fortunes. If I take advantage of this new oppurtunity, I could be someone great in France. Now, why would I settle to be an ordinary guy here that a bigtime guy elsewhere like France?

On Question 5.
Yes, there is hope in the Philippines. We, Filipinos, have so much potential and talent. There is a very huge number of smart people here in the country. Our intelligence competes with the gretest minds in the whole world. The problem in the country is our lack of unity and a lack of moral values. Most of our greatest minds have corrupted souls. We always tend to think only of ourselves. We rarely want to work together. It hates us to see other people getting better fortunes than us. We always want to "get the better" out of each other. We are so competitive, we don't have any room for "friendly competition" anymore. This crab mentality coupled with complancy to the system makes the situtation irreversible. Nothing will happen if we dont change our mentality. We should start thinking abiut it and start moving. Otherwise, hope will just be hope, a mere expectancy.

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