Monday, May 19, 2008


essay : What is your opinion on Gay Marriage?

I have nothing against Gay Marriages. Though I am a catholic and it is a sin for us to be in engage in that situation. I am still paying respect to those people who have the strength to be open about what they are going into. For me, it is not their fault if they become gays. They are just expressing theirselves and its their choice, we have to pay respect to it. They are still humans and they haven't done anything wrong except for the fact that they have been falling inlove with the same sex. We should accept the truth that gays are already part of our society. And they don't even harm us. They even contributed a lot of good stuffs compare to those who are straight. They don't deserve those condemns and insults. Its 2008, things are far way more different compare before. We should not consider these things as a big deal. Because there are a lot more serious things to deal with. Life is what we make it and its a matter of choice. It doen't matter if your gay or straight as long as you still make good deeds to you and to the people around you. Maybe religion makes an objection about it but at the end of the day, God would only be the one who has the right to judge us.

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