Saturday, May 10, 2008

Aim High for Progress

As a Filipino, I am very much concerned about many things. The first thing that I am concerned about is the kind of education that we have now in the Philippines. There are teachers who make use of their own dialects in teaching the major subjects. This is the most disgusting situation that we have now. Everybody needs to implement the use of English language in teaching the major subjects in school. It is a must especially in the lower years so that when they grew old, they will be fluent in it.

My second concern is focused on those who are unemployed. The government should continue to remember them. I am sure no one would no longer go abroad just to work there if the government would offer jobs with good pay for them to support their family.

I have read from the bulletin dated April 20 that nearly 2,000 large industries in Metro Manila have encountered a shortage of qualified applicants to take the available jobs for them. Results showed that recruitment problem of qualified applicants was considered high in importance. This was closely related to high labor turn over rate and pirating of workers. Many workers appear to be unproductive in their jobs due to their lack of skills. "Palakasan system" is very obvious in many establishments. Thus, resulting to poor quality standard of work.

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