Sunday, May 25, 2008

Article 1: Surviving. Living. TXTing?

Question: What cell phone do you wish to have?

There are five things which a Filipinos believe that they must have in order to survive these are Food, Shelter, Clothing, Love and of course a "CELLPHONE". Funny to hear, but true to believe, Filipinos are shaping their own style of needs for living and all of us whose entering this so called digital era everyone picks their own favorite; just like when you choose what to eat, choose what to wear, choose whom to love and now choose what model you want. Remember that it's not being a materialistic it's just a matter of selecting what model that will satisfy your hunger for a digital minded stomach and like me who is a Filipino has a personal cell phone that I wish to have and that would be the most ethnic, bullet proof, and old cell phone yet break free the classic 3310. Why? its about selection, I personally want this phone again since it can withstand multiple dropping on the floor or even heat and liquid force cannot break immediately the alumni of Nokia Series. So I'm sorry to disappoint you but what I say is true, we all have different style to fulfill ones need and mine chooses the old yet even better than the new comers of today's phone. Phones of today have new features but having this godfather of all will make you feel cool and even proud that you still have the original.

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