Tuesday, May 13, 2008

As a Filipino today

As a Fililipino today, my concerns are about the education, and the population. it is quite disturbing to note that the development of the Philippine's educational system in public schools is somewhat put to the sidelines.

I myself have observed that horrible effect of this in our poor province. Ask some local officials for their local development programs and you will not be able to get sound answers. This could be due to their lack of proper education on what it takes to become public servants. To make the matter even worse, a large number of people dwelling in rural areas are not properly educated and a considerable number are not educated. Ask them of there views and you will get an even worse answer and a deplorable level of complacency to the issues that are hounding the province.

Had the government prioritized education; the institutions of learning will be able to produce people who love the place because they have the knowledge and sentiment of what it takes to make it progressive.

Another concern that I like to point out is the booming population of the country. This problem is an offshoot of the education problem. Roam around rural areas and you will find large families that seems to be contented living in poverty. Had it been that they were properly educated, they will be able to find ways to keep themselves busy in some other things. They will be able to see clearly the disturbing issues that are happening in the country and hopefully be able to formulate ways to help improve the situation.

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