Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Canada, the Land of My dreams

Given a chance to immigrate, which country & why?

Given a chance to immigrate to another country, I would choose Canada. I would choose Canada for the main reason that my brother and his family had already immigrated to Canada. Also most of my relatives are residing there.
I really wanted one of these days, I'll be with my siblings there in Canada. They are also expecting me to get there as soon as I have already made up my mind to be with them there in Canada.
The second reason for choosing to immigrate to Canada as my country of choice is because it is consistently ranked among the best countries in the world in which to live. Immigrants come here due to its long history of economic success and opportunity. In fact, Canada is one of the highly industrialized countries of the world. For this reason, almost any person can become a valuable and integral part of the Canadian society and lead a successful life. I'm also fond of its government. Canada's Democratic government meant that new citizens would have equality and participation. It is also a country in which citizens do not have to bribe or submit to powerful officials in order to become successful.
Lastly, Canada has the close proximity to the United States in terms of me visiting my relatives in the US.

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