Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Current Social Issues

1.What are your concerns as a Filipino today?

As a Filipino, I have so many concerns, because it will always affect my daily lives, from the food I eat, the clothes I wear ,the transportation fares, the monthly electric and water bills, etc.These are always bothering me, especially when the cost of fuel rises, or the fare increases.When I goto a certain place and the road is very rough, meaning they are not maintained or being repaired by our governments' public works department, when we know that they have always the budget and the received their monthly salary to do their jobs well.

2.What is your opinion on Gay Marriage?

It has already been known and concluded by psychologists or scientists that study the behaviour of man recently that ten percent(10%) of a population of any country comprises homosexuals.And this cannot be denied because there has already been many researches made.This ten percent homoseual group may comprise the introvert or extrovert one.

As a free country, were there is a law that separates the state and the church, it is better that it must be followed.And gay marriages must be allowed , only there should be special laws legislated by our leaders so that it would not create trouble in the future.It should not be compared with the heterosexual marriages since it must be view as a solution to a different problem.In this case those group of people who thought they are less fortunate in this matter will be given some sort of gratification.Or at least they will also feel that they are also given importance and respect as a human being.

Although people have different personalities, especially sexual peferences but all must be treated with fairness.It is not only the heterosexual who has the right to enjoy life but also the homosexuals.All people have feelings and must be respected at least.Although it is a fact that heterosexuals cannot understand fully the feelings, the emotions of the homosexuals and humosexuals also cannot understand fully the feelings of a heterosexuals.So in order to be fair, one must respect its other and not only the other way.

3.Is there any hope in the Philippines?Why?

As long as we are still alive there is still hope, hope for our nation, hope for every Filipinos and hope for everyone of us.Let us not loose hope because we know someday, everything will change.For us Fliipinos, let us place hope in our hearts and let us take courage.Let us join hands in taking part in even every small way to help our nation go its way into progress.

Our leaders, especially those who are practicing corruption, let us exposed them.Let us fight our rights to freedom, to petition our government against wrong-doings.Let us not tolerate them.Because if only every Filipino would give their share of sacrifice in small or bigger way that we could get way into the road to progress.
Let us be a law-abiding citizens, such as following traffic rules, avoiding loittering in the streets, and many other ways in such a way that peace and order will prevail all throughout the country.When this happens, foreign tourists will flock in our country as their preferred destination.As such it could help drive our economy.It could create more jobs for the Filipinos.

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