Saturday, May 17, 2008

Filipinos will keep on smiling

It is but common to a country to experience big issues and different problems; . So, it is unfair to say that that there is no hope for the Philippines.Because amidst all the struggles, there is absolutely hope for our country.

Let me give you one example

It was in 2006 when the Marikina Riverbanks had to face a very serious situation.Someone threw a janitor fish in the rivers without realizing that this could ruin the ecosystem of the riverbanks. In fact , it almost reached the fish cages of Laguna De Bay. It is a pain in the head for some residents of Marikina because their livelihood depends on the fishes that they got from this river which was now outnumbered by this strange fish.

So the people had to think. And what is the solution

Well, if you can`t beat them!

Since janitor fish can be utilized as fishmeal source, e di sinubukan nilang kainin...that`s kapit sa patalim, in other words. And this fish tasted like the other regular fish that we usually eat.

What else?

Since the skin of the janitor fish is good in leather making, students of Marikina Science High School decided top make leather goods out of its skin. And also they were able to make products like shoe polish, diashwashing liquid and etc.

And what`s the greatest discovery?

One student of Marikina Science High discovered a study that would somehow help the country. He was able to make a bio diesel out of the extracts (internal organs,i think.) of the janitor fish.

Well, the point is, if we keep on thinking that there is no hope, then there is no sense of growing. But if delve to the issues, think of better solutions, not argue with who is wrong or who is right, then it is just fair to say that we will achieve the desired growth for the country.

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