Monday, May 12, 2008

Given a Chance to Immigrate, Which Country & Why?

essay : I would prefer to immigrate to a European Country. The foremost reason is that Euro is valued higher than US Dollar. This would translate to a more stable economy. If an economy is stable, there would be more opportunities available to residents of that country.

In particular, I think I would choose a country like Holland or New Zealand. My impression of these countries is that they are sparsely populated but possess vast land resources. I often associate them with dairy farms, large forest resources, clean rivers - which I only see in my dreams.

I had been to the USA and saw the vast land, mostly arid lands and dessert like the Mojave Dessert connecting Los Angeles and Nevada. These lands are idle and it pains to see them there without a soul inhabiting, when there is a lot of Filipinos here living under bridges because they don't have lands to call their own. Surprisingly, I don't feel wanting to live in the USA, much more immigrate there with my family.

So probably, if I would be given the liberty to pick a country as my next home, it would be somewhere in Europe. New Zealand, here we come . . . tonight.

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