Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Here I Come U.K.

Perhaps the best place to be or the countrythat I desire most is the United Kingdom.A very progressive country somewhere in Europe. Although I haven't been there I know their economy is good like other affluent nations.They speak English which is their primary language which also makes it very ideal to migrate. They have four seasons specifically summer, autumn, spring and specially winter which is my favorite because I haven't experienced it yet. I believe the people there are friendly, they believe in Christ and they don't have weird beliefs and practices. Their government is responsible and implements their laws accordingly and likewise is not involved in corruption unlike in the Philippines. The food is a lot similar in the U.S. which means that it tastes good and it's delectable. Probably the most significant thing is that there is a huge opportunity for growth in this country compared with other countries like our's.

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