Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Hope or A Threat?

essay : From the first job I have, I confess a big hope that I can contribute a change in that institution. Yet I cannot understand why people around me, stop me from doing so. Even worst my superior is against on my desire to continue my masteral degree. Yes, I admit Rizal is right is saying that the youth is a hope. But when a support system becomes a barrier of that hope, no doubt Rizal's dream will die out from frustrations and grief. But hey, who are they to stop me? Who are they to kill my dreams? If they see me as a threat, well I'm sorry it's not my intention to acquire that position they have right now. What I want right now is a good grasp of learning, I want to explore more and I want to learn more. A want to share my learning to others, I want to be an inspiration to everyone. And I want to leave a legacy which will remain in every heart of the youth who tried to dream and tried to reach for their dream.

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