Wednesday, May 14, 2008


essay : My favorite electronic gadget right now is my IPod video. I like it because I can bring it anywhere. I can watch movies anytime I want. It has 30GB memory so I can store a lot of songs, music videos and my favorite movies. If I'm on a long trip and I'm alone it's my company. I bring it anywhere I go, even when I'm doing the laundry. I love to listen to music it makes me feel lighter. It's very slim and it has enough screens for you to watch a film. What's cool about these gadgets is you can also get an accessory like different casing for protection it has different colors like neon green, bubble gum pink. So you can change it depending on your mood. You can also buy a speaker, so when you have a beach party or pool party you can bring it and play your favorite music. You won't get bored with this gadget that's why I really love it!

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