Sunday, May 25, 2008

Is there a hope for Philippines?

essay : I think every nation has the right to HOPE and be PRODUCTIVE in the years to come. If I would try to think of impoverished Filipinos living in many unimaginable places, I would find our government HOPELESS. They ruled towards a constant cycle of cynicism and materialism with their ongoing government projects, therefore whatever they try to establish will never be for the people. Still there's hope because there are many non-government and charity organizations that focused more on the real problem of our society rather than thinking of how they can kick back. Accommodating street children for free education and livelihood programs for the parents can built another strong foundation of their individuality and also to our industry. Eliminating drug, child and women trafficking can be our first steps to equality and freedom. If only we TEACH and SHARE what we have then poverty won't be a probably anymore.

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