Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Is there hope in the Philippines? Why?

Hoping for the better is inherent in every human being and there are varied reasons why we are hoping for such things to happen. It could be that our reason is personal, it could be for our love ones, for the country, and for the world. Accordingly hoping for a better Philippines could also be regarded as inherent in our lives. I have not heard of any Filipino hoping for the worst to happen in our country. The most challenging question however is: Would we be contented by just simply hoping for the better and doing nothing? The answer lies to ourselves.

For me, there is hope in the Philippines but it needs ACTION. The small flicker of hoping for the better was kindled to ourselves not only by our parents but indirectly by our ancestors. Looking back at my childhood days, I could recall my grandmother's horrible narration of her experiences in the second world war and she stressed to me that had the Filipinos just sat down did nothing, we will not be able to gain the independence that we are hoping for. The actions of the Filipino guerrillas during the war could not be discounted or belittled by anybody. Action therefore should follow hope. What matters is the time when we will start working together to realize that hope for our country.

Finally, there is hope in the Philippines but it needs ACCOUNTABILITY of our actions. We could not just do things as long as we are happy without being held accountable to our actions. Guided by the outstanding Filipino values and the laws we could make our country a better place to live and dream. With action and accountability, we will be able to leave to the incoming generations a much higher level of hope than what we hoped for during our existence.

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