Sunday, May 11, 2008

Is there hope in the philippines?

essay : A lot of our countrymen are desperate because our country is still poor while our neighbors in Asia are climbing for constant progress. My answer to this is "WE ARE POOR BECAUSE WE ARE NOT YET READY TO SHOULDER THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF BEING A RICH COUNTRY". Much is given, much is required. First, there is a need for us to shape our character and perspective towards having a progressive life - meaning "a sense of stewardship". Second, we need to be more proactive and not reactive. A lot of us are so reactive and noisy on surfacing issues in the country but it doesn't solve, it only creates confusion and divisiveness. I'm not saying that to react or voicing our opinions is bad in itself but we need to consider those that can harm and those that can give solutions. Third, be SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS. To be socially responsible means a simple obedience to traffic signal, not using government or company's property for personal gains, does not litter, doesn't procrastinate at work and school, doesn't cheat his/her spouse and bosses, pay tax honestly etc. Simple yet complex to follow isn't it? Lastly, we need to be responsible to ourselves and to God. We must have to make sure that everything we do either small or big should create a positive impact to our neighbors and to the society at large. START RIGHT NOW, simply ask yourself what are the things that you did yesterday or in the past that you want to change for our country. Did you bribe? Litter? Disobey traffic rules? Not doing your job properly? Cheated? Wasting water or electricity? Etc. Get a piece of paper and list down the positive things that you can promise your self to do everyday until you make it a habit. Do great things for yourself and for our country. Convince 2 people maybe your spouse, friends, children and your boss to do likewise. Big things start with little positive steps. If the 80 million Filipinos start doing these, then I have no doubt, our country will be great again. I believe that we can make this country to rise considering our talent, ingenuity, innovativeness and trust in God.

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