Sunday, May 25, 2008

Juan Last Chance

Question: Is there any hope in the Philippines?

People are suffering, oil prices are increasing, rice makers are hoarding, the president well what can we say? Busy in corrupting. With this era of ours, can we still hold on, can we still find the right path towards greatness for our country? Or are we going to wonder and ask the most unpatriotic question we can ever make in our lives; is there any hope in the Philippines? For others especially those "work abroad minded people" this may sound normal but for a person who will stay in the country till the end of their careers this is such a stupid thing to say. I speak not on behalf on bunch of heroes who defended and scattered the idea of loving our country, I'm speaking in behalf of my self and being a Filipino. Situation in our country today gives as the idea to leave the nation, yet what we don't know is that we cant escape the reality that we are part of this country and Philippines still has hope. It's just a matter of choosing the right people to govern, choosing the right person to lead the Philippines and do our own efforts to give something to help the country. The Philippine is rich in everything it's just about who will take us to the right path. So in the next election never be lazy to vote! Show your concern by picking the right people and by contributing something to our country

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