Saturday, May 31, 2008

Light at the end of the tunnel

essay : In the newspaper, tv programs, ads, radio anncouncements...all of these are constant shout outs of how pathetic living in the Philippines might be. Crime rates, poverty lines, graft and corruption - it's as common as our breakfast lunch and dinner. And poor Juan dela Cruz will just ask, "when will this end?" Are we in the brink of hopelssness? Is this the ned of our long string of patience which is tried and tested through time? A resounding NO will be my battlecry. As long as there are advocacies ready to to appeal to the government for every wrong move, civic organizations ready to reach out in times of crisis, educational institutions who freely impart to young minds things that they should nknow to be reaponsible civilians, and as long as Filipinos STILL react ot changes of the times, there is still hope for all of us, not as drastic as we want , but a gradual one, one that our children and later generations will enjoy. We have exemplified how hope brings out the nation in the darkest of times (i.e, People Power 1986), and I still know this fire is still in the hearts of every Filipino. Hope springs eternal, and it will always be.

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