Monday, May 19, 2008


What are your concerns as a Filipino today ?

As a Filipino may concerns lies on the education. Everytime I watched this noon time show were in they have a certain game that includes several question and answer . I knocks me out when these people cannot answer the simplies questions being asked. The clues were given even the first letter of the answer but still they are clueless. I dont know if it something about being on TV so they became mental block or they were just very nervous. But I find it very annoying to see these people. I know there's a lot of smart peole out there. They even compete international in prestigious contests to prove what is real KNOWLEDGE is all about. But the sad thing is there are also a lot of Filipinos who are still illiterate and doesn't know how to read and write. Education is one of the most serious matter that we should be paying attention of. Because could be something that we cann be treasured of at end of the day.Its funny to know that there are more Filipinos who knows how to use cellphones than those who knows to ride an elevator or the MRT/LRT.

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