Monday, May 12, 2008

Major Concerns as a Filipino in the Post-modern Society

Human history showed us the product of today's civilization. Human capacity as intellectually gifted produces tremendous changes in human interactions and lifestyles.

As a Filipino, my concerns in this post-modern society are the following:

1. Proliferation of new technology- of course, we cannot deny the fact that new technology affects too much of our consciousness. How? the children of today no longer have the affection and close interaction with parents rather they become closely connected with gadgets and other new tech instruments. The new generation no longer emphasized or valued the sense of nationalism rather treat it as misguided consciousness.

2. The Role of Media- The role of media in today's society is complicated and intricate. Media as a tool being utilized today is used not only as an instrument to defend our freedom but are used for vested interests of the elite. The hegemonic role of media in the Philippine setting no longer leans towards the preservation of the common interests rather to serve as a conduit to protect the interest of the government and the few. Media are no longer observe journalistic values such as objectivity, partiality, and balanced reporting. media as an instrument are used to promote ideologies which are favorable to the interest of the few.

3. A Sense of Filipino Identity- Rizal once said, "Ang hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling bansa ay mas malansa sa mabahong isda", indeed, when one's consciousness distorts due to the influx of technology which basically affects and influence a Filipino way of thinking, one cannot found himself different from other nationalities. Culturally speaking, if one do not appreciate or even value the Filipino culture and its heritage, one can no longer find himself identical with his fellow Filipinos. What we need in this age of globalization is to know who we are and what we are in order that if we are brought to the crowd of various nationalities others could easily distinguish us and say, "oh, your a Filipino, right?"

These three are my main concerns in this post-modern society. Hereby offering a challenge to revolutionize our world views.

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