Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Marriage or Mirage"

"Marriage is a union of two people who both have the same commitments for each other." – kya.

Gay marriage, it has both has its ups and its down. It is okay for gays to get married, if both parties have a conviction for each other to remain united. But then, both parties had to examine the extreme ties of their community. They have to be aware the cultural values, the norms and the odds of their locality. They have to see to it if there aren't any cultural values, morals and virtues that they go against with. It is okay to follow ones heart as it says, but then, how good will the union would be and how long will it last if there are so many things against it. What both parties have to see is that, their emotions should not rule on their obligation towards their community. It is okay to for gays to be married, but the responsibility towards the common good for the sake of the community should be the first to consider. Until everyone is ready to embrace such union then is the time for them to make it legal or else their so called marriage will become a mirage.

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