Wednesday, May 14, 2008


If I'm going to buy another cell phone today, I will choose the Motorola RAZR2 V8. It's slim, light, trendy, flip phone and you control your music on the huge 2 inch external screen. It's one of the hottest phones from Motorola today. It is also quad band so you can use it anywhere. It has a 2.0 mega pixel camera to capture the moments, also with video capture and playback and a 2GB internal memory so you can store more pictures and videos! Plus, it also has Bluetooth for you to share picture music and videos to your friends and love ones. This is definitely one of the coolest phones from Motorola. I prefer to have this phone because of the features that it offers at affordable price! I wanted to have Motorola phones now instead of Nokia, because since college I've been using Nokia phone and everyone here use Nokia I don't know why maybe because of the advertisement or they offer a lot of new models. But now I preferred Motorola I want my next phone to be flip phone with camera and video and also an MP3 player and Motorola RAZR V8 happens to have it all. And that's the next phone I want to buy.

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