Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Concerns as a Filipino

As a Filipino, I am concerned about a lot of things. I am concerned about the state of our environment. I am concerned about the different types of pollution, especially air pollution because my mother died of lung cancer. I am concerned about the garbage I see outside because they are bad for our health.
I am further concerned about the values that media consider important like how fair one's skin is and whether one has the latest gadget even if one's budget cannot afford it.
I am also concerned that Filipinos may not be using their talents to their full potential because job opportunities that make us grow as individuals seem to be sorely lacking.
Lastly, as a typical Filipino, I am concerned about our well-being as a family. I want to continue living a dignified life with my family because, in the end, one's family is what makes us secure enough to carve our little niche in this world.

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