Monday, May 12, 2008

My country and Me.

As a Filipino, my major concern for this country is how to make all of us aware of things happening around us and to encourage everyone to take part of changing our society. Some people go to places like Mendiola or Edsa to fight for their right. They say that People Power is dead. A once mighty emblem that we Filipinos hold as our nation's way of showing that we are united. We were proud then of marching and saying what we hold for our freedom, yet now, we became sober. With so much problem that we each face, people lose hope and become numb to issues.

I admit, I have also been naive to situations adhering our country. I see that rallies and noise barrage are just futile attempts of getting noticed and hopefully be heard. For me, i see the solution within ourselves. Instead of going barefoot to Edsa or holding "plakards" of "Gloria Resign", why not start with ourselves? We should we point and blame one another when four fingers are pointing back at you? Why not start loving yourself, your family, respect and help one another and learn to live in God's way than exchanging mouthful of words against our current government system?

I am not pro-arroyo or an true blue admin loyalist. I can also say that I am a border line between an idealist and a realist. But I know one thing, the true people's power lie on our willingness to change for the better for the sake of our country.

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