Monday, May 12, 2008

My Life or Cellphone?

essay : My favourite electronic gadget is my cellphone. I never imagine myself without it. My first cellphone was when i was in highschool. Through it, I felt that the world was small and that my friends miles away can be felt in a heartbeat with just one SMS. Once, I forgot my cellphone at home. I had to go back from school to our house just to get it. I hold my cellphone dear that I even risked my life for it. Twice, my phone was snatched from me. Both phones were just newly bought. The third time, our jeep was holdapped by 6 men armed with "balisongs". I did not give my cellphone even if one balisong was already pointing at me. That moment, I realized how stupid I was. How I can exchange myself for one gadget.

Now, it still means much to me. But I am worth more than a hundred gadgets all combined. This life of mine is priceless.

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