Sunday, May 25, 2008

My opinions in gay marriage.

Our religion stated clearly two sexes which is male and female. Biological explanations cannot and do not count for third sexes (not unless there is, accidental hormonal imbalances). However, biological phenomenon cannot account as to why a certain person is this and the way his/her behavior manifested; it is unnecessary to conclude s/he is either a female or a male. I cannot shut the right for living of gay marriages, and therefore including religious beliefs would make my opinion simply not right. But the thing is, we are all people. We are all humans who hold a degree of individuality. We cannot degrade and question other's existence because these things in life are meant to exist. Being a woman a choice and also with being gay. Marrying the opposite or the same sex is also a choice—this comes the freedom and liberty to be proud of, someone who's UNIQUE.

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