Saturday, May 10, 2008

No Turning Back

essay : Answer to the Fourth Question

Everything just happen so quickly that I can no longer remember how far have we been in terms of progress. In a wink of an eye, I just heard from nowhere that Philippines, my Beloved country is going down, down and down. Have I heard it right? I can't believe it!

Tears rolled down from my eyes not knowing if I have to believe it or not. I stand on my feet, got my pen and paper and started to wrote what is in my heart and mind.

PHILIPPINES . . . our dear Motherland - we still have hope in you. As one looks back, he may seem to say that what he saw in the past is a government of corruption. If you are to ask him what he saw now, he may even still say that it became worst. But if you are to ask him how he sees the future, he may not say anything. This is because he had lost hope.

For a positive person like me, I would rather say, "As long as one lives, he still have hope". Hope comes in to someone who knows that tomorrow is another day to start with. A great change would come to anyone who have hope.

Yes, Philippines has something to hope for as long as those in position are honest, dedicated and true to themselves. They should also be God-fearing so that they will be against corruption. Along with this, the people should strongly support the government for its success. This is a two-way traffic. Proper coordination and cooperation is needed for a better government.

NO TURNING BACK - the key to realize that Philippines has a very bright future! Let's hope for the best and not for the worst

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