Saturday, May 31, 2008

Of Books, Food and More

With 2 out of 5 Filipinos saying they are poor because they could not buy enough food (Jarius Bondoc, The Philippine Star, May 23, 2008), It would be safe to say that poverty is, still the primary concern pf the common tao today. Not only the procurement of food and other necessities, but also the struggle of parents to upkeep their children's schooling, and, if needed, how to avail of effective health and medical services at a cheaper cost. Though we have already mastered the art of making obth ends meet, it's still a daily challenge that we have to conquer not unitl the Philippine government will finally come to its senses and address these needs.But until that time, we all have to content ourselves with whatever we have right now and continue to get by, one day at a time.

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