Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Recovery Through Faith

If you believe in God you will always know that there is always hope in every situation. In the Philippines case there isn't hope maybe for the next 6 decades unless there be renewal of spirit and morals. The country is embraced with too much corruption which is the root of all problems and the primary culprit in our economic situation likewise is in it's worst situation ever. The country's economy is ailing perhaps a disease wherein recovery is of very least chance. Our country is being governed by avaricious and greedy politicians who concentrates on robbing from the country's wealth. The counrty is struggling, prices of commodities go up, salary does not increase, education is becoming very expensive, malnutrition is at it's peak, crime is flourishing, unemployment is very much evident, and prostitution is very conspicous. The only way save this country is to replace leadership meaning the president and all her apponitees with experienced people who fears God and has the heart to serve and protect the welfare of the Filipino people. God bless this country.

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