Monday, May 12, 2008

Relativism dictates: Love Transcends morality

The post-modernism emphasizes the need of pragmatic or useful application of theories and principles learned in the academe which primarily studied by intellectuals in various academic fields and disciplines, from sociology, philosophy, psychology, media communication, and others. Due to the declaration of such school of thought, i can see the place of relativism. No more metaphysical or meta-linguistic foundations recognized for these are no longer applicable in our daily lives.

So what is the relation of this thought in giving my opinion about gay marriage? If i have to look at it in vantage point of being a Filipino which culture and values are "made of Spain" with a signature of Catholicism i cannot but disapproved gay marriage. Religion tells us that what is important is morality in order to live harmoniously. This is the proclaimation based on the teachings of Christ found in the bible which the Church enforced. However, to speak of morality is inevitably a religious matter. Nonetheless, this is what the reality speaks about.

To look at this idea in the perspective of humanism and relativism, gay marriage is approved. To speak about love in the viewpoint of human experiences is not only confine and serve to opposites. Love transcends morality in this sense, yes, we do have love people in different degrees or levels, affection for our parents and siblings, erotic or fraternal with others. Gay marriage is a product of love that is borderless, love that does no follow any moral requirments or ethical suppositions. As Aristotle would put it, "Happiness is the greatest desire of everyone", if one is happy because he loves somebody despite of their being synonym, can you force him to kill that happiness just because of it is against the rule of morality and ethics? What is important is that they are productive and useful for the development and progress of the society as a whole. Is this really a problem? in the point of view of relativism, there is no problem,because to speak of ethical consideration or standards will be based on context, culture, and history.

Hence, my opinion goes in the second reading of my thoughts about gay marriage, borrowing relativism and humanism as frameworks.

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