Sunday, May 11, 2008


If they given me a change to immagrate, the country that i will be chosing is London. Why?

Every now and then, we know filipinos are hungry of money. We are hungry of financial needs so the same with those filipinos that are hungry of financial needs, I want to go there to work and recieve dolars so that my family here in the Philippines will experience how to become a rich member of the society.

My favorite electronic gadget is Mobile Cellphone, Why? Because this gadget is handy. I can Use this Gadget anywhere, anyplace and anytime.
This is one of the important gadget nowadays because if there is an emerency that happens to your relatives or to your friends they just text or call you anytime, anywhere at anyplace.

My concerns as a filipino is that filipino must obey the rules and regulations of the government. Do not just judge those who are in the high positions of the government. Look at ourself first if we are doing our responsibilities as a filipino citizen before throwing a words from the government.
Just be a responsible citizen to our country.Do our duties and responsibilities if we are a true filipino.

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