Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rizal has extolled the youth, that is you, to be the future of our country. In what way can you justify Rizal's belief in you?

essay : First of all, I envy that MAN! He deeply was concerned for our country and yet he was fated to die young. I strongly regret that he was just assassinated by the former president at his time. =(

Anyway, mine answer to the simple question:

I will serve the people by the God given talents of mine. Though for now I can only encode, soon I'll be a programming expert after I finish my studies. Every person have many talents that makes them "them". An individual must only pursue with his/her talent according to his/her interest. Whatever lifestyle they would have, their talent is their only salary vessel in their future. And that goes for the youth. Because when people are still young, their memory intake level is much higher because of their hunger for learning; and they don't have to deal so much problems that adult people deals for now. For that same reason, I'm advising my friends to not start a family yet, cause if they do, (for me) they'll become an adult who should manage problems, and the problem would be themselves because they weren't ready for the problem yet! Furthermore, they could start one if they already have a stable job for their shelter, clothing, food, and for the future of their siblings to be (mainly education).

For short, I will do what I'm opt to do, and I'd only do things that I can do. That's mine talent. And then, the discipline comes in after the talent. If talent would work with discipline, the result is a perfect job! Moreover, friends will be coming into one's life, and soon will be true to very close friends. I'm saying these based on my experience. I'm not that much of a 'friendly guy', but I have collected many great people that I can call 'my true friends'.

I AM JUST BEING ME, and that's what the youth should be too. For our country, loved ones, and friends. And soon, (I hope) will lead to a peaceful life to live.

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