Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sealing Life in New Zealand

essay : Question: Given a chance to immigrate, which country & why?

No matter how great house you had, no matter how great your office you had, no matter how perfect life in the city you had it can't be match living in the Paradise of the south: New Zealand. I am surely a nature lover and even living in the city provides you lots of opportunity, why should I care! Sealing your life in a heavenly nation is worth staying for. Yes there maybe less bars, fewer amusement parks, less places to visit after a week long work to lessen your stress yet staying in New Zealand will make you stress free. The green grass, the beautiful forest, the huge mountains, the clear ocean and rivers, the pollution free air it is a dream country which every one wants to visit but for me living here will be better. Just imagine that after a whole day work you may even feel relax and energize because of the environment. So if I'm planning to live into a country where I can spend my life with that will be New Zealand.

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