Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Taste Of Italy

It was originally known as "Italia" borrowed from the Greek word meaning "land of the cattle" and ever since then, Italy has been established as one of the greatest and most powerful countries in the world. With a good blend of the old tradition in the modern times, Italy was able to show that a certain country can maintain the same culture without sacrificing any. It is evidenced by the different opera houses and museums in some places in Italy. And of course, a major fact, Italy is the home of many great people such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Roberto Mussollini and other famous artists, painters, scientists and philosophers.

And so, if I were given a chance to immigrate, I would choose Italy as the best place to be my second home. There are three reasons why I choose Italy; it is because of the pasta, people and the Pisa.

Why pasta? Well because Italy is the home of the best pastas in the world that comes in different sizes and shapes. Aside from that, the foods in Italy are all greatly varied depending on the region where you live in.

And also the Pisa and other wonderful attractions that Italy has to offer to its tourists. Such attractions like the Saint Peter's Square and Ponte Sante'Angelo and other monumental places that will make you go back to the history.

And of course the people of Italy who are described to be as lovely and romantic. I like the way they speak the language and how they treat each other with respect

In spite of all the hardships that this country has surpassed, it is clear that Italy is a country deserved to be admired of and a country to look up to.

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