Sunday, May 25, 2008

To Whom It May Concern

Our national hero once said that, "The youth is the hope of the nation," or something to that effect. But unemployment was not a factor then, or was it?

How can one live up to this expectation? The overwhelming increase of the unemployment rate, baffles me and the fact that I'm one of them scares me even more.

Two years ago, I've put my self to the test of finding a job here in NCR. Because there were news that it was difficult to find a job here. After a couple of weeks of job hunting, I was hired as a Customer Service Representative. It wasn't that hard I figured.

When I left the company that same year and went back to my home town to try my luck in finding a job closer to home, the fact that I have worked here became a disadvantage. Because they thought I would not accept the job because they don't pay as much.

Who knew job hunting was such an excruciating ang expensive hobby? I advice people not to get to it.

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