Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Treasure in the Vessel

Answer to the 3rd Question

I strongly believe that it is God who arranges everything for us. If given the chance to immigrate, I would personally choose Australia.

My relatives have been in Australia for quite a long time. They already have stable jobs and houses of their own. We Filipinos have strong family ties. This is the reason I would rather prefer to be with them.

According to those who are immigrating abroad, the first thing you have to overcome is being "homesick". I think I'll not be homesick if I'll be with my relatives there. They find Australia their second home. If they were able to adopt easily with the kind of weather there, I'm sure I can do it too. My cousins told me that there are so many job opportunities there as long as one is diligent. Even as a student, he does an extra work after class thus, earning a dollar for himself. In this way, in terms of financial needs, he is not fully dependent with his parents.

The nice thing with them there is that every second is so precious. They have no idle time and see to it that everything is done in a day. I find myself suited there because I'm aperson who doesn't want to waste my time. I don't even want to leave things undone. I really treasure my time knowing that my life is only borrowed to God. I have to use it wisely or else I'll end up to nothing.

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