Monday, May 12, 2008

Unjustifiable Hope: Philippines will be great again

essay :
The tag question presupposes the idea that Philippines could be hardly a country capable of making its people live better. This could have been due to the political upheavals, distabilizations, controversies and scandals made by the officials of the country.

However, these events do not discredit the idea that there is still hope in this country. I can say, hope in this sense do not only suggest psychological or mental hope but rather to carry the tasks a Filipino should do in order to bring the Philippines in the apex of Asia. If we only think "hope" but not doing anything for the country, "hope" will only be a dream, but if we "hope" with actions this will be realized. Hope that is idealized without no actions will forfeit its function but if we hope that is idealized with action will be actualized. We do not only think the potentiality of hope but most especially its actuality. Richard Rorty once said, we hope not because we want to but because we want to bring change and progress to our society. We cannot really justify the reasons why we need to hope, but what is important is that we do something because we are hoping of change and progress.

Why there is hope in the Philippines? As long as people will participate for the change, progress, and development, there is hope. As long as people even though fragmented in some ways, but still dreaming or hoping to make the country great again, there is. Filipinos are great and can be great again because they are gifted with talents, skills, mind, and experiences. As long as Filipinos even in "imagined community" have in their consciousness the HOPE for better living and progress, Philippines will be great again.

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