Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Unspoken Truth

What is your opinion on Gay Marriage?

I strictly do not agree with it. We are talking about marriage and I believe that it is a sacred thing to be considered not to put in a what they called 'art' of life. We should always go back to the foundation of our faith, which is the Bible. We all know that God created only man and out of it, a woman. I am not against of how they feel towards same sex but what they are doing is not agreeable to the law. I strongly not tolerating it. It is against the Law of God and the Law of man. It is our own struggles and one of the weaknesses as a human being that we need to overcome. Our whole being should not be manipulated by this feeling that will lead us to sin. Do not let a second 'sodom and gomorra' be happened in our days...We knew it that it is not proper. Be not conformed into it. Enjoy life up to eternity. Wake up!

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