Tuesday, May 27, 2008


What are your concerns as a Filipino today ?

As a Filipino, everyone is concerned with its own living - on how to cope up with the daily "crisis of life". We read on the newspaper and watch via the television rampant somewhat unhuman killings, the crisis on food, the problem on electric bills and much more concerns every Filipino must pay attention. The said situations affects our daily lives ... which we Filipinos much take our own move and way to contribute on how to solve such situations. It could be being alert and actively reporting illegal activities, eating only what is enough and not wasting food on the table and much many more. A Filipino will always be a Filipino, in blood we are bonded by one race which everyone must take one step at a time to solve these problems our country is facing today.

Is there hope in the Philippines? Why?

Yes, there is. Every morning for me is a new day with new hope and a new beginning. If each of us take part of making our own way of contributing to the progress in our conutry, I strongly believe that there still hope in our country. One singer once said that hope starts from within us - a one voice that could multiply into millions as we the Filipinos unite for one goal and that is to improve our beloved country.

What is your favorite electronic gadget and why?

My favorite electronic gadget is a cellular phone. It is not because I love to send text message but nowadays, cellular phone for me is a necessity more than a luxury. It is our way of communicating to our family far from us. It bonds people together no matter how far they are from each other. It is a way of bringing news to people specially during the time of emergency wherein we needed help from other person. No matter what the features our cellular phone have, it is still part of bringing people closer together.

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