Sunday, May 25, 2008

what are my concerns for dear filipinos

i realized that there are many things we forget to remember. that this, filipino symbolism had gone out to our windows and only welcomes western idealism. the banged of new millenium shocked my world, for reality isn't much of our filipino pride. yet, we stubbled to many reflections of what coul've been written in our own history. perhaps we could've been more pride if western colonizations did not interrupt our growing pinoy civilization, there could've been an everlasting tribal language and script that we could've still remembered up to this very day. probably, our own revolution did not start with western occupation and that we could've settled to conquer other nations. we could've not chosen oppression before realizing that we are capable of molding our own democracy. these are just my what-ifs.
i know, we can do something more. something better. but it should start within us and not only thru written words. our democracy comes with many responsibilities and it is not easy. i know media feeds today's youth with violence, oppression and corruption which almost kills this pinch of pride in our filipino race but action is a must in order to destroy the very foundation of selfishness and evil. i hope one day we all wake up that we need to think of others, not just when calamity hits our country but in our everyday living. we should earn and save more lives so that we can put justice on it's rightful paradise. difficult it might be but life throws only two sides of our destiny: which is to go with the dark or good side of reality. we can't have both in order to live our lives fairly. for this boils down to one action to put this wish in our country--kill greediness.

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