Monday, May 12, 2008


My concerns as an average Filipino today would be more on the socio-political issues that are brought to our attention by the media.

Earlier today, I was following the senate investigations on the high cost of power under Meralco Franchises. Listening to the explanations of Meralco's President, Mr. Francisco, somehow did not appease the boiling resentment inside me over my increasing electric bill. Why? We were doing our best to conserve electricity but still our consumption increased by 40% and the cost by 90%. Again why? I can't find the answer on my previous and current bills.

Another concern was the rising cost of food. As we are running a canteen business, we are most affected by this. We can't pass on all price increases to our customers because they can only take so much and would rather opt to pass a meal.

They say the root of all these is the ever-increasing cost of oil in the worldwide market. Fine. Money is no longer the 'root of all evils', oil is.

So as an struggling Filipino, I want to do all I possibly can to swim with the tide. That is why I am taking this test today.

Just wanna wish myself LUCK. Maybe, it is the only thing that can help.

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