Monday, May 26, 2008

What are your concerns as a Filipino today ?

Mainly, the education status. I've always wish that every Filipino would take themselves to school to study and study hard. So that in the coming future, the Philippines would be a great country inside. For everyone might have their decent jobs, and maybe, lessen unhuman acts. Then, everything would follow up. We'd be like a 'high-technology' country, and of course, will invite tourist, foreign investors, etc., and will add up more jobs and jobs and jobs to the country.

Another would be, families. Like my family, we're quite splitted in all. i know it is the upbringing of parents to their siblings, but another factor is the community. Based on experience, it really makes a family's points of view different. Thus making each other, or one of them to start a gap. But then, it was said that Filipino hospitality was great and is famed by the other countries. I remember, I once wished that that family would be mine family.

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