Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Which-ing Hour"

As a Filipino today, my concerns, are all about the Filipino people. The way we Filipinos become distant to the world around us. The way in "which", we Filipinos do our living and our way of thinking. The way in "which" we Filipinos doesn't mind if either Juan died together with his dog in our front yard. In "which" we all flunk our morals just for the heck of it, the same way we visit the toilet just for the heck of it. The way in "which", we don't care for our country's future and also our own development. The way we Filipinos today care only for our own satisfaction, never mind if we do it against ethics. "Which", on my own perception, why the heck would I care, it is only my concern and not to anyone. For if we Filipinos face a major crisis and dilemma in this nation of ours, these crises is not our own doing but that of God's will. "Which" we Filipinos have to accept with our whole heart, better in "which" we can say ("hole in our heart"), for us Filipinos never know how to accept our faults. But then, why accept our faults when there is a God we can put all the blames.

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