Saturday, May 24, 2008

Young Souls

essay : Our national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal has extolled the youth to be the future of our country because he merely believe that the youth posseses the right way of thinking on how to deal with things. Their minds captures creative ideas that makes their dreams come true no matter what it takes. Their visions are unique and full of hope. Their young souls are so brave enough to accept new challenges. They are open to new adventures and they are not afraid of falling down. Because they believe in their goals so well. And because they are young, they can stand up again and an grasp a new role of what life may bring. These are the things that I believe are enough reasons why our national hero has come with this idea even before it mat happen.

So, if I asked this question back to you in a different manner? I guess you will also have my answers. If I will ask "why does your company hires only young people?" ( 23 years old and below ) What would your answer? You can include some technical aspects on it. But furthermore I guess I've stated enough reasons why.

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