Thursday, June 5, 2008

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What are my concerns as a Filipino today?

As a Filipino, I'm much concern about the poverty and the high paying price of the Rice, the oil market increase and the political issues about electricity. The Filipino people are much suffering from the scarcity and with arguments of some high officials, the poor people of the Philippines are much victimized. We should be sensitive to the needs of the poor people and be involved in such good charities where in we can uplift our economy and encouraged other's to do the same. We need to help one another to boost-up our economy, we need to stopped being against the government, the more we go on strike, the more we look down our government. As well,other countries, will not believe to the capabilities of our good government. Unless we start it on ourselves, by volunteering to help the needy and be more patient to the high prices in the market today. Also, Politicians should be more considerate and be more understanding of the needs and wants of the Filipino people, they must change their outlook in life by helping others and not expecting anything in return, they must dwell with the heart's and soul of the Filipino people. They must run into their roots so they can fully comprehend, the law that must be implemented so the Filipino people will benefit from it.

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