Wednesday, June 11, 2008

BS Computer Engineering

What are your concerns as a Filipino today?

Most Filipino's today are lack of knowledge
about the importantance of the education,yes!some
of them now the importance of it,but their always
a problem to achieve those goals,lack of money,jobs,
knowledge,unity etc. all of the Filipino
are give the opportunity i think and i believe
one of our country is the most successful in everything
we don't have right now.

What cellphone model do you wish to have?

A cellphone i wish to have right now is the
old one which is the 3310,because it has a strong build.
the thing i like in a cellphone is to
have a communication with my friends and to my family.

What is your favorite electronic gadget and why?

Laptop is one my favorite electronic gadgets
i want to have it,especially because its latest,
it helps me a lot in researching some information,
it helps my brothers and sisters,in searching something
about their studies,it gives complete information
what it happens in and out of the country,
it also give knowledge what ever you want to learn.

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