Thursday, June 5, 2008

The cellphone I wished to have

what cellphone model do u wished to have?

The unit of the cellphone i wished to have is the Sony Ericson Cybershot K850i, wherein I can take some fabulous and elegant views of nature, with the clear Automatic lens cover of the Camera, the high 5 Megapixels and Digital Zoom capability and great LCD's it shows the vibrant colors that reflects the pictures that I want to be taken even low light conditions and with high resolution images, I can enjoy all the sceneries and moment's I wished to shot. It has the ability to show all the pictures at the same time by pressing the mode you want according in what style you want to achieved by Photo Fix and Picture Blogging. With the Accelerometer Auto-Rotate features that let your memorable shots be in portrait or landscape.With the MP3 features of the SonyEricson, I can be able to listen to all my favorite tunes and I can download all the angelic and beautiful voices of the famous artist in American Idol and whenever I got jammed in the traffic and I can easily listen to FM radio, I can be able to tuned in to my favorite Radio Station which is magic 89.9. and with the Entertainment Features such as 3D Games,Java,Media,Video streaming and Video Recording, I can capture all the wonderful moments in a flash and I can enjoy the whole day by exploring the great specs of this gadget. The Unit itself is durable,handy, user-friendly, the keypads are soft-touch and I can call and hear the voices of people on the other side of the World by Tri-band, it can be in headset or in speaker. The most interesting features of this gadget. it has the connectivity by Bluetooth, USB support via Internet Access, Modem, USB Storage,Multi-messaging and 3G capability. It has an Organizer wherein I can put all my schedules and my tasks for a day. But, what I love most about this unit, I can be able to share all my pictures and put it into a blog, print it and publish it so my Family and Friends will be delighted to all the interesting and magnificient pictures I have taken.

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