Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Demanding N17

As we all know we are greatly want to have a cellphone with so many features we can use just a click of our finger.
i know this is sound ridiculous but i only heard that cellphone model with my friend who really want to have the latest but if you could ask me o really don't mind to have any latest model as long as i use it because it's so difficult to get in touch with someone you know if you don't have a cellphone.

Never mind i just need one because it's a necessity already in this days. "pangload nga wala cellphone pa kaya" that is the only word i could say if someone ask me why i don't have the latest beacause i only use 3350 "black and white pa ang screen".

Well, that's the only model i have and i'm happy for it already the most important thing now is that finding ways on how to help the people, myself , and most especially my Family. Godbless

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