Saturday, June 7, 2008

The exhausted Filipino

There are so many burden we as Filipino is facing right now. What shall we do in this kind of situation especially when we have nothing to feed for our Family, do we still have chance to rebuild a new Philippines though we are not certain whom we can trust?

When we are in other country especially that i experience living abroad, i told to myself when will i have a good living together with my family? Then, i told to myself what if i invested my saving in the Philippines. So, i went back home on my beautiful land but when i was here i experience so many corrupt people but then i just told to myself maybe they are just like that because it's hard to live here. I really want to help many Filipino people the best i can give and i don't to see many "busabos" or "pulubi in the street beacause it realle break my heart.

When is the time wherein many Filipino will not suffer no more. Currupt Government, unclean places with many people who suffer so much, Killing that never be stopped for money.

When? I ask God just take good care of us we as Filipino for that i know we have rich in love for him.

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