Thursday, June 12, 2008

Filipino Decadence

1. What are your concerns as Filipino today?- My primary concern is the the blatant corruption among our Filipino leaders. I would have said, as the answer to this question, the rising cost of gasoline which consequently affects everything, but then this is a global concern shared by other nations. It is a reality dictated by the world market, of which the government has no control of. As a Filipino, I am more greatly concerned of the moral state our country is experiencing right now. Corruption is so glaring that even the indifferent and cynical can't help but notice and feel its effects. I think that the enormous amounts of money spent for many dubious and anomalous contracts would have served better if these resources were spent to provide subsidies for the Filipino consumer's basic needs, such as food, shelter, education, electricity, roads, etc.

2.What cellphone model do you wish to have?- I've wanted the Nokia E90 because it combines functionality and style. It's compact and has more than the necessary functions that you need and at the same time stylish.

3. What is your opinion on gay marriage?- In this age of libearlism, what else could be impossible. Gay marriage should be accepted as part of the changing culture. The freedom to love is not limited to race, age nor gender.

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