Sunday, June 8, 2008

Filipinos'... together we can!

What are your concerns as a Filipino today ?

There are many problems our country is facing today such as poverty, corruption, crime rates etc. But what really matters to me now is the increasing number of the youth who engage in early parenthood. At a very young age, they seem to not realize the things that might happen to them being a parent. I, as one of the youth in today's generation i really feel sad about the fact that many youth doesn't really make use of their brains, for them to think critically. What would be the next generation look like? It is WE-the YOUTH of todays should make a diffirence!

Is there hope in the Philippines? Why?

Hope really never run out if you just believe it. I think the Philippines would surpass all of it's problems if and only if we, the Filipinos would just be united for single goal- to love our own country and to give importance in what we have. If we really loved the Philippines we will be in unison to help each in everyone to grow. We will have this passion of making the Philippines number one among other countries. So it's not the government that we must blame. But rather we- the people of our own country. The growth of this country is depends in our own hands.

Given a chance to immigrate, which country & why?

If I will be given a chance to to ge on another country maybe i choose to go in European country. It is because I want to know more about their rich culture. To gain knowledge about their countrys' centuries old history. I want to learn their language. I want to go in their countrys' different tourist spots. I want to experience and see myself their way of transportation, architecture. Every country offers a highly-varied festival programme for every season. You are bound to find what you love most: music, opera, theatre in a country like Europe.

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